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The Integrative Therapeutics, Phytopharmica Product Label Changes

Product Label Changes for Integrative Therapeutics & Phytopharmica

Some common questions and concerns are:


Why are the product labels changing? Which brands are changing?

Enzymatic Therapy has purchased Intigrative Therapeutics (ITI),  Learner's Edge, NF Formulas, PhytoPharmica, Tyler, and Vitaline.  All are known for having some exceptional products - each in their own specialty.

With all these brands and names there was significant product overlap and the folks at Enzymatic Therapy wanted to simplify things.  There were more than 7 brand names that Enzymatic wanted to re-organize into 3 brands.

  • Integrative Therapeutics (ITI),
  • PhytoPharmica and
  • EnzymaticTherapy

All owned by the same company... ENZYMATIC THERAPY. These labels are now merging into the same brand label(more info below)

Also, in the news… Schwabe Pharmaceuticals (manufacturer of Nature’s Way) has acquired Enzymatic Therapy. The combination of these organizations is expected to create an unsurpassed portfolio of clinically validated natural products and ingredients1.

Both Nature's Way and Enzymatic Therapy, Inc. have developed a very loyal and consistently growing base of customers, consumers, and patients, who enjoy the health benefits of the products every day. The company’s initial focus will be to further advance product development in bringing highly effective natural health solutions to market to elevate wellness for those critical health concerns of consumers2.


Is this the same product that I have gotten in the past?
With the same ingredients?

For the most part, Products Ingredients are Identical they simply have different labels. Ingredients usually are the same. Below is some information on the different product lines, which should clear up the confusion.

Who is this Company? What are the different brands about?

Integrative Therapeutics is a “Doctor's Only” line. Your medical professional usually provides this product line. You may notice a slight difference in some ingredients for this label. Changes made do seem to be either improving or strengthening the original formula.

We make it possible for eligible patients to get this product line from us. Some qualifiers may be a move away from your physician… your health care provider no longer carries your product… you have a current recommendation or prescription for a product and do not have a health care provider locally…

PhytoPharmica is the branch carried mainly by Pharmacies.... Much of the PhytoPharmica label has been absorbed into the Integrative Therapeutics (ITI) label or discontinued. If you cannot find your product in the PhytoPharmica brand, it has likely been converted to the ITI label. Ask us and we will more than likely be able to tell you the new product name or replacement. In addition, many Tyler, Vitaline, and NF formula brands have merged with ITI so that the product label will have ITI as a larger label and Tyler, Vitaline, and NF formulas as a sub label.

Enzymatic Therapy is the retail branch of the company. Everyone can enjoy this brand of products from select retail outlets. This branch of the company gets the most media attention as the brand. It has been seen on Oprah (Hot Plants), Goodmorning America (Chris Kilham - Medicine Hunter) and various commercial advertisements.


It is our hope that this article will clear up the confusion as to what is happening with a large number of products that are no longer in a label that you are used to purchasing. Remember they are the same great products from an exceptional manufacturer. Enjoy![1]


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